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Real Estate Investment Analysis
Spreadsheet for Microsoft Excel

Do you KNOW if a residential real estate purchase or investment property is the best place to spend your money??

If you can't answer this question, then you absolutely NEED the REALTY RESULTSฎ  Real Estate Investment Analysis Spreadsheet.  This spreadsheet will provide you with a detailed financial analysis of the investment return of residential and small to medium size investment properties.  Extremely easy to use, and filled with extensive, context-sensitive help, REALTY RESULTS will provide you with the information you need to answer the following questions:


  • Should I buy or rent a house / condo for personal use if I am going to hold it X amount of years?
  • What kind of "return on investment" will I get from purchasing a house / condo now?
  • If I'm looking at a more expensive house in an area with minimal appreciation, and a less expensive house in an area with significant appreciation, which one will provide me with the greater investmen return?
  • And much more.....


  • If the Cap Rate of properties in an area I'm interested in buying property  is 10%, what kind of resale value could I expect from a purchase if I hold it for three years?
  • What kind of debt coverage ratio will I have from the property in year five?
  • Do I have positive after tax cash flow throughout the life of the investment?  Any year?
  • What is the approximate equity build for the investment by year?
  • Assuming my assumptions are correct, will I achieve my required investment return if I purchase the property?
  • And much more.....

Product Features:

•Easy to use information entry page with form-like entry boxes 
• Context sensitive help for EACH required entry 
•Handles up to three separate loans.  Possible loan mixes includes:

  •     1 conventional, 1 variable-rate, 1 balloon loan
  •     2 conventional, 1 variable-rate
  •     2 conventional, 1 balloon-rate
  •     3 conventional

•Calculation of CAP rates
•Specify CAP rates for your area and get suggested resale values based on NOI per year
•Calculation of debt coverage ratio by year Easy to use information entry page with form-like entry boxes
•Context sensitive help for EACH required entry
•Handles up to three separate loans.  Possible loan mixes includes:
•Determination of Gross Rent Multiplier by year
•Detailed explanation of each result provided
•  Compare the price and features to products priced at over $400!!!!!
•  And much, much more ........

The following are actual screen shots from various portions of the spreadsheet.

Now, the important part:  how do you get a copy???

PRICE:  Only $49.95 US!!

To order, please send an email to the following address, and provide your return email.  I will provide you with information on where to send a check, and will follow-up immediately with a disk mailed to your attention.

Also, I would encourage you to compare this with other competing products.  This spreadsheet is easier to use, more intuitive, provides the basic necessary information, and....most importantly, is a LOT cheaper!  It is not near as complicated, however, it is also not as precise on certain tax calculations.  I strongly doubt that the minor differences will impact a basic investment analysis, however, if you need absolute precision, don't use this product.  However, for such precision, other products are priced in the $100s of dollars!!

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